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Mens Ties

Our mens regular width ties are 8.5cm at the widest point at the base. We feel this is a nice modern width compared to the more dated 10cm width that ties are quite often still made in. The length is 142cm and should suit almost all men except guys with extremely large torsos and depending on how low you like the tip to reach (it should go to the belt line for 95% of men without issue)

Mens Skinny ties are a trendy 5cm width at the widest point and are also 142cm in length untied.

Our patterned ties range vary from around 142-150cm depending on the manufacturer. They are almost all 8.5 or 9cm in width unless stated otherwise.

Bow Ties

Unless stated as 'self tie' in the title, all our mens bow ties are pre-tied and adjustable to fit a neck from around 25-50 or 52cm.  The dimensions of our own produced range is 6x11cm which we feel is a modern and compact size. A lot of the patterned bows we stock from other suppliers are slightly larger, around 7x11 or 12cm.

Boys Ties

Our 'tie your own' boys ties are 112cm in length and 6cm in width placing them nicely in between our skinny tie and regular tie range so pairing them up with either size works well. We are phasing these out and now have pre-tied elastic ties for boys around age 8-12 which are 40cm in length.

Our junior ties are elastic with a clip and adjustable. They also are the only junior ties you can find with a natural 'tail' at the back to give the tie weight and a more natural look. They would best fit young boys up to age 7-8

Our junior bow ties are also very compact and best suit boys age up to around 7-8


Please ensure you measure first - Do not order from store sizing as it may differ from store to store - Measure first, convert to INCHES and order that size from our range. The waistcoats typically measure 1" above the stated chest size to allow for breathing room - so if you measure 41" then you could buy the 40" for a snug fit or a 42" for a loose fit.


Our braces come is various sizes to accommodate all the differing body heights and shapes. Please refer to the sizing guide on the listing to find your best fit. Our suspenders are made to support your pants on special occassions - not hold them up on a daily basis. If you are seeking suspenders for daily wear or have medical reasons for needing suspenders please call and discuss so we can be sure our product will meet your needs first.
Boy's braces should be best fit for toddlers up to around age 8 but men's regular braces should fit down to around age 9 once adjusted to the smallest size so there is a decent overlap here for those who aren't sure. Please note - our braces have moving metal parts in the buckles and adjustment sections so please our products are not baby safe