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From classic dark blue to statement navy and white paisley ties, we’ve got the lot! 

Dark blue and navy have become a go-to choice for any occasion. From business meetings to funerals, weddings to job interviews, a navy blue tie is an essential part of the modern man’s wardrobe. 

For a touch of elegance, choose from our range of high-quality microfibre ties. Combining the touch and feel of silk with the price of polyester, microfibre is our fabric of choice to give you the best value without sacrificing quality. Our microfibre is stain-resistant, which means your ties are safe from whatever spills come your way at a wedding reception or bucks night.

Love patterns? Try a dark blue floral tie or a navy polka dot bow tie 

Our selection of dark and navy blue ties come in a range of styles and patterns, including florals, paisleys, plaids, polka dots, and more. A dark blue floral tie is a great way to showcase your individual style while keeping with the pack. Or get even more adventurous with a navy and white paisley tie

Whatever your taste in ties, we’ve got the pattern for you. 

Navy tie FAQs 

Why are navy ties so popular? 

There’s an old adage that your tie should always be darker than the shirt you wear underneath it. While rules were made to be broken, a navy blue tie will likely be darker than most of the shirts in your wardrobe. This makes navy ties a versatile choice for most dress shirts, especially if you wear a tie every day.

As an added benefit, a navy tie is more eye-catching than your standard black tie, too. Navy is good for building a contrast with the rest of your look, without sacrificing sophistication. A navy tie with a light grey suit is a particularly strong choice for the modern workplace. 

Can I wear dark blue to a wedding?

Absolutely! Dark blue -- especially midnight and navy -- has become the colour of choice for anyone looking for an alternative to black for their wedding suit. Part of that may be due to the undeniable sophistication of a three-piece navy suit. Or, it could be due to convenience. 

Navy’s versatility as a formal option means that it’s easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. In theory, you can rock the same dark blue suit in a boardroom and at a wedding ceremony. Convenience is king, even in fashion. 

Is dark blue too formal? 

Nope! In fact, a navy blue tie is one of the best ways to add a splash of character to your overall look. 

Navy blue is a great base to build vibrant patterns and unique designs on top of. For example, paisley and plaid ties commonly use navy as a backdrop to make their colours stand out. 

We have a huge range of dark blue ties featuring stripes, polka dots, and other creative patterns for you to explore. 

You can’t go wrong with a navy tie, get yours with free shipping on orders over $40!