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Spruce up your look with a grey tie or silver cumberbund from our collection

Whether you’re looking to keep it classy in the boardroom or find the perfect match for your wedding suit, a grey or silver accessory will never go out of style. 

Keep it classy in a slim mid silver tie, made from high-quality microfibre to give you that natural silk feeling - without the added cost! Or bring your own flair with a silver and black paisley skinny tie to mix it up at your next office party. Like your greys on the dark side? Our huge range of colours means we always have the perfect shade for your style. 

Find the right grey tie for your next special occasion  

Grey is one of the more popular options in menswear because of its modern, elegant look. A grey tie can look formal or casual, making it easy to dress up or dress down depending on the event. Plus, its muted hue makes grey a safe choice for solemn occasions, especially on short notice. 

For weddings, grey and silver pair well with most colours, making it easy to match your date and avoid clashing with the wedding party. We offer a range of fashionable accessories including suspenders, cufflinks, and grey pocket squares that make coordinating outfits a breeze.

Nail your next interview with a sharp diamond-patterned silver tie or a textured pinwheel tie. Grey is a great neutral choice when you’re trying to make the right impression, especially at a new job! 

Grey tie FAQs

What does a silver tie go with?

Short answer: everything! Long answer: a silver tie is a great option for any dark suit, especially a navy or black evening jacket. For a less formal option, silver and grey are flattering against earthy colours like tan, beige and brown. 

It’s a classic rule that your tie should stand out against your chest. While it’s important to mix things up, a grey tie and a white shirt is a reliable combination that you can feel confident in. If you’re feeling bold, try pairing a light grey or silver tie with a dark shirt -- you might be surprised with the results! 

What makes a grey tie so classy? 


Ever heard of James Bond? Everyone’s favourite fashionable spy has been rocking the grey tie since Roger Moore picked up the mantle in the ’70s. Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have kept the grey tie in vogue ever since. 

No wonder grey is so timeless!

Should your tie match your pocket square? 

This is a common fashion mistake for anyone new to formalwear. While your gut instinct might be to have all your accessories match, a pocket square is supposed to complement -- but not necessarily match - your tie. Think of it as the cherry on your outfit sundae.

That’s why grey is such a versatile option. Try a patterned pocket square or a mix of metallic shades to pick up the hue of your silver tie.

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