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How to Tie a Tie

The Four In Hand Knot

STEP 1  
Step 1 Lay the tie around your neck, under the collar of your shirt, with the front side facing outwards. Make sure the head (wide end) is about 20cm longer than the tail and cross the head from left to right.
STEP 2  
Step 2 Next, wrap the head under the tail.
STEP 3  
Step 3 Bring the head back across to the right again completing a full wrap around the tail.
STEP 4  
Step 4 Now bring the head under the tie where it's closest to your neck and pull it reasonably taught.
STEP 5  
Step 5 Finally bring the head down through the loop you created in steps 2 and 3.
STEP 6  
Step 6 Pull the tie taught and bring the knot up towards your neck. Ideally the length of the tail will be just slightly shorter than the head. Most ties have a loop sewn into the back of the head for the tail to sit in so that it doesn't poke out so you can now guide the tail into this loop and make any slight adjustments to perfect the placement.