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We use Rankaware for checking our website rankings across multiple search engines. It is easily the best option out there for all webmasters at the moment without having to pay for an SEO company to make reports for you. Rankware is a keyword rank checker for Google,Bing,Yahoo and it’s a must for all the SEO experts out there. Rankaware checks the search engines for where your blog or website is ranking for a specific keywords also performs daily checks and shows us how much you have grown or fallen down in the search rankings. Just set it up, click one button and be informed every day of how you're doing.


I am a regular user of Rankaware and I completely recommend this to all the SEO experts or Bloggers out there and if you don’t belive me just give it a try and you will know why the big names of SEO world recommend this product to everyone. Rankaware provides accurate Search Engine ranks and provides feature to schedule your updates for a particular time. It supports unlimited keywords even in the free version so it’s still perfect even if you don’t want to pay for their service but if you are a Blogger or SEO expert with more than 1 Blog or website I will recommend going for the paid version as it is very cheap and provides worth for your money. If you have any questions to ask or how to set up the Rankaware software feel free to visit the official website and you can also contact their support if you have any additional question to ask.

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