Bow Ties: More Versatile Than You Thought

When the tuxedo was invented in 1886, bow ties found their niche as a mark of suave sophistication. In the Twentieth Century, James Bond and Fred Astaire epitomized the bow tie as a class accessory.

mens black bow tie
black bow tie and pocket square

Traditionally, white and black bow ties have been reserved for formal occasions, like weddings and black-tie dinners, normally matched with other clothing items, accessories and sometimes a woman’s dress. The batwing and the butterfly are two of the most popular shapes of bow ties going. Butterfly bow ties are shaped like an hourglass and display a distinctive style of a bow look. Batwing bow ties present a more rectangular and narrow end.

The more colourful bow ties have tended to be worn by lawyers, physicians, architects and other professionals. Coloured bow ties are also strongly associated with some of the most distinctive characters on television.


The Casual Look:

Nowadays men wear bow ties outside of formal events. A bow tie in a casual setting shows confidence and style. The bow tie is increasingly taking its place as an important and trend-setting accessory in fashion shows and being worn by a growing number of fashion conscious men – and women.

Men’s Bow ties also gained renewed interest with the young generation when they were worn by some of the characters from the TV series “Gossip Girls”. The characters were seen wearing bow ties to social events and gatherings. After this, there were numerous other shows where characters were seen wearing bow ties. Fashion designers including Manolo Blahnik and Karl Lagerfeld, and even the San Francisco Giants’ pitcher, Tim Lincecum, also wear silk bow ties.

Dusty Pink Bow Tie
Blush Bow Tie


How we keep ahead.

Quality without the pricetag

Our single coloured tie range is the only one like it in Australia. A collection of more than 10 products in 52 colours, of which several are quite unique. Our ties are purchased for many reasons; a new job, formal occasions, wedding ties for all round the country due to their high quality and value for money. Typically a $13-14 tie will have a cheap feel, far too glossy finish and not much weight. Aussie Ties’ products are well made to our specifications which of course means a quality feel akin to silk, a less lustrous finish that will photograph well and enough weight that you won’t have that feeling like you just bought something ‘cheap’. We have dozens of repeat clients ranging from schools, bridal salons, real estate agencies, promotions companies, fundraising groups  and other corporate entities.

High Quality Men’s Suspenders 

Dark Blue Suspenders
Beige Tan Suspenders
Beige Tan Suspenders
Dark Brown Suspenders
Burgundy Red Suspenders
Dark Red Braces








Our braces have high quality, sturdier metal whereas a lot of the cheap suspenders online you’ll find have clips that can easily break, bend or come apart which definitely would not be good if it happened at a formal occasion. Our clips are reinforced with plastic teeth to get a really firm hold on your pants, jeans or trousers.

Our cufflinks are made from a higher quality metal than many you’ll find online. You can compare them side by side on a scale to know that one is a much superior product. A lot of the time, cheaper doesn’t always mean better, but we definitely have the lowest prices you’ll see for the quality in the entire country.

Ties & Seasons

Classic Forever and Fashion Defined By Seasons

Some colours are always in. We’d have to say that the most consistent colours over the years have been midnight blue and burgundy, especially in the men’s ties – sometimes you just can’t beat the beauty of a classic dark blue tie with a black suit .

Midnight Blue Tie and Pocket Square
Dark Blue Men’s Tie
Wine Red Tie & Pocket Square
Burgundy Tie Set


They both have that air of distinction which makes them classy colours and they work well with a lot of suit and shirt combinations.

On the other hand, some colours will be extremely popular for a season or two and then fall off the map for a bit. This is often due to what colours are fashionable in wedding schemes for that year as they are a go to choice for groomsmen’s ties when matching the bridesmaids’ dresses.


Hot One Day, Not So Much The Next

Mint green is a good example of this. It used to be our biggest seller then other colours have come along and usurped it such as blush / dusky pink (sometimes known as dusty pink) which doubles nicely for when people are looking for a rose gold tie.

4-5 years ago, coral and our dark coral that some may call “salmon” were the colours of choice. Even sage green, a colour that we got in thinking it might sell okay had very slow and humble beginnings. The end of 2018 and 2019 however, we sold out of all our sage ties, skinny sage ties and sage green pocket squares here and at our franchises abroad suddenly as we hadn’t seen the demand coming until it was too late!



We’re always ready to listen to customers here at Aussie Ties so let us know if we don’t have a colour you need or you have a hot tip of a new upcoming colour!